Friday, September 19, 2008

More Stories

I haven't been posting about all of the stories I've had published. Frankly, some of them aren't that interesting unless you are here in Columbia. But I'll post them anyway:

Security before Joe Biden town hall meeting: I covered Joe Biden last week on Sept 9 when he came to Columbia to do a town hall meeting.

Making a Living Off Recycling: this story was pretty interesting, and I blogged about it earlier (The Hard to Get Source) but forgot to post the story. The city council voted to make it illegal to pick up recycling from the curb.

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AllyB said...

Hey Liz! It's amazing how interesting recycling can be. Don't they have to pay deposit on aluminum cans in MO? I think making it a crime to pick the stuff off the curb is ludicrous! I'm sure it would cost the government (city or county) much less to let someone pick up a few bags of cans than it would for food stamps or other financial assistance for the young mother with no job. Keep up the good work. I'll step off my box now...Say hey to Jess, miss you guys.